An Easy Approach to the Speed of Light

With Heat, Viscosity Separates and Nature Sees Red

Water has a viscosity to it. It can absorb a little. Too much, bonds separate. Turbulence results. Minimal existence has similar capacity. Prior to glowing red, heat’s required.

What’s required for existence? How about the ability to transfer heat without changing surroundings? Outside stays the same. Inside adjusts. Inside can’t adjust? Doesn’t exist! Part of something else!

Boundaries exists. Heat transfers across. Insides adjust. Adjustments lack the ability to distinguish. The Sun heats the Earth. A great empty distance exists between. The insides may as well see conductive surfaces, like a cold coffee pot on a hot stove.

One may no longer exist. Happens all the time! Loose the ability to absorb heat without changing surroundings. Existence is now a matter of the now highly radiant surroundings. The action exists. The surroundings exist. You don’t!

Exist already? You somehow manifested yourself from existing boundaries. And you must have some ability to absorb heat. So there’s another part, two roots squared, pushing back on all those boundaries too.

Algebraic topology includes definite geometry and infinite topology, similar to definite mass and the infinite electromagnetic surface.

Our everyday lives observe a speed limit and latency to light. Nature knows no concept of time or distance or radiance. Lacking mind, the ability of existence is medium enough. This broad definition expands existence to spikes in voltmeters and thermometers and clocks. Measurement readout means the same as little bits of material.

Measurements exist for the minimal required to exist. Astronomy, lasers, chemistry, and radios agree to a very high precision. It’s very small. And remember, we’re working not on distance, but nature’s fundamental medium. Subatomic particles are very small. In comparison to minimal existence, subatomic particles are on a celestial scale.




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